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Subtraction.com: Subscribing to The New York Times »

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Confusing Science Headline of the Week: “Ultrafast Camera Records at Speed of Light” »

So, I haven’t thought about this one for long enough to really figure it out, but the headlines this week about the “Ultrafast Camera Records at Speed of Light” are confusing, and possible even wrong. Its not really recording at … Continue reading

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New York Times calls out quote as “False” »

I’ve long thought that objective journalism has become a bad excuse used to let sources in news get away with lying. Look no further than our own political system. As such, I’m glad to see that the New York Times … Continue reading

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Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic « Clay Shirky »

Most people don’t care about the news, and most of the people who do don’t care enough to pay for it, but we need the ones who care to have it, even if they care only a little bit, only … Continue reading

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SND32: “i” of Portugal named World’s Best-Designed™ – The Society for News Design »

It’s funny, I don’t think that the “design” of this paper is especially good. They seem to do good job with layout, and the paper looks like designers put time into each page. However, at the end of the day, … Continue reading

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Huffington Post and AOL: Why the Deal’s a Mess – The Daily Beast »

Dan Lyons at the Daily Beast on the Huff-Po-Aol deal. He hits it almost precisely on the head. This is not going to end well for either company. I think Dan Lyons is wrong in one respect though. No doubt … Continue reading

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AOL-HuffPo: Acquisition of means of production without being revolutionary at all – Capital New York »

Between AOL’s recent leak, and this acquisition, Aol seems to be sinking further and further into oblivion. It’s not a marriage, this purchase of The Huffington Post by AOL. It’s more like Arianna Huffington and Tim Armstrong have decided to … Continue reading

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The Times’s Dealings with Julian Assange – NYTimes.com

This article really speaks volumes to the sheer amount of thought that Bill Keller puts into Journalism at the Times. It is easy to consider American media to be old, out of touch, slow to react, or unwilling to be … Continue reading

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