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Five out of Ten »

Posts like this miss the point completely. The iPhone was always “obvious”, and almost every revision has been “incremental”. I’m not quite sure what the Economist expects Apple to do. I also don’t think they understand why Apple sells phones. … Continue reading

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The Time Machine Safety Net

I was trying to delete old TimeMachine backups last week. The backups are stored in a backups.backupdb/ folder on my Time Machine drive, but couldn’t be deleted, because of some weird permissions issues (they are all owned by the system … Continue reading

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Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’ »

Daring Fireball (★) Reviews Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’. From the technical point of view, he gets it spot on. This is a book worth reading, we’ll never have such insights into Jobs’ personal life. For an even larger critique of … Continue reading

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The Restart Page – Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems »

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Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually | Forbes »

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Instapaper 4: Deciding to Read | 43 Folders »

The point is that my life always gets better when I decide to read things–and then actually read those things I decided to read. This is not a trivial point. We’re all busy, and we’re all bombarded with 10,000 potential … Continue reading

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Instapaper 4 »

Instapaper is probably the best way to read the web. I often find longer articles that I think would be interesting. They get thrown in Instapaper, and when I have a moment, I open up Instapaper and go to work. … Continue reading

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Space Launches Over Time »

Interesting info-graphic on the history of spaceflight, as divided among the nations who have launched stuff into space. The unfortunate part is that most of this stuff remains in orbit as space junk that must be tracked and avoided by … Continue reading

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Apple Media Event on October 4th »

I’ve only been without an iPhone for less than a month, and yet I feel the withdrawal all the time. I’ll write about my life with and without the iPhone, and what specifically I miss from not having a small … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Smart Case »

Eerily familiar…

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