Hi! I’m Alexander Rudy. I’m a Data Scientist at bitly. I use the traffic flowing through bit.ly to understand conversations on the internet. Bitly has been around the internet since 2008, when it rose to fame as the default link shortner for Twitter. Now, bitly sees a huge amount traffic from all over the web. I’m levearging that data, using bitly to learn from an internet you can see across.

I approach and model the world scientifically – I try to understand the why as well as the how. The modeling I do is not about just shoving everything into the black box. I try to embody the scientist – where models represent our approximations of the way the world works. I’ve had sucess building models we can intuit, coupling human intuition to data at scale. My favorite models are the ones which tell a story, where we can really learn about the why in the world, as well as the what.

I’ve worked in regulated financial spaces, where I built underwriting models for credit card applications. I’ve worked on bespoke lifetime-value monitoring, built data warehouses from the ground up, and designed novel algorithms from scratch. In the past, I have built research-grade hardware and control systems for astronomical instrumentation, and have experience engineering in constrained environments with physical systems.

When I’m not building models, I’m a sometimes contributor to open source software, a tinkerer and a builder. When there is snow outside, I’m also a skiier.